We have broken the course up into sections so it's a bit easier to digest and understand. 
  1. Assessing where your business is at. 
  2. Setting the foundations, your WHS Policy. 
  3. The Core of your system - The Safety Management Plan
  4. SWMS, JHA, JSA's and other types of Risk Management. 
  5. Inductions - a key step for every business. 
  6. Training - something every business needs. 
  7. Incidents - never want but need to be ready for. 
  8. Inspections - routine is important. 
  9. Plant and Equipment - Looking after your gear. 
  10. Leadership and Communication - Closing out with a bang. 

Once you have been through all of these sections you should have all the fundamental information you need to build your own Safety Compliance System for your business. 

7 Simple Steps to a Safety Compliance System for your Business

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