7 Simple Steps to a Safety Compliance System for your Business by Shayne Connolly

7 Simple Steps to a Safety Compliance System for your Business

What is this Course is all about

Are you a ‘Do It Yourself’ kind of person? But not sure where to start with Safety Compliance and your business? Our Basic Online Course gives you all the basic information and understanding you need to do it all yourself. 
It really is a DIY course though, there are no templates included it's just all the information you need to 'Do It Yourself'. 

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Complete DIY Course

What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos File Icon 4 files Text Icon 11 text files


Getting Started
How Does the Course Work?
Assessing where your business is at?
Completing the Self-Assessment
Self Assessment Tool
206 KB
Using the Safety Health Check for your business
18 mins
Setting the Foundations - Your WHS Policy
The WHS Policy
5 mins
Policy Checklist
Building your Safety Management Plan
7 SImple Steps to Build Your Own Safety Compliance System
511 KB
7 Steps Video Explainer
20 mins
General Procedures
5 mins
Safety Management Plan Checklist
I'm Starting to Freak Out
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SWMS, JHA, JSA's and other types of Risk Management
Risk Management
8 mins
7 mins
Hierarchy of Controls
7 mins
Inductions - a key step for every business.
4 mins
Inductions Checklist
Training - something every business needs.
6 mins
Training Checklist
Incidents - never want but need to be ready for.
8 mins
Incident Checklist
Inspections - routine is important.
6 mins
The routine checklist
Plant and Equipment - Looking after your gear
Plant and Equipment
9 mins
Plant and Equipment Checklist
Leadership and Communication - Closing out with a bang.
Leadership and Communication
6 mins
OMG, It's All Too Hard
Help is at hand
Build Your Own Safety Compliance System (ALL TEMPLATES INCLUDED)