Build Your Own Safety Compliance System (ALL TEMPLATES INCLUDED) by Shayne Connolly

Build Your Own Safety Compliance System (ALL TEMPLATES INCLUDED)

Everything Really is Included

This is the complete package, everything you will need to create your own Safety Compliance System for your business, no exceptions. Don't get ripped off by buying a Safety Management Plan template by itself for $600 plus dollars on other sites, we give you that template plus 28 others including:
  • 6 Policies including WHS, Environment, Fitness for Work etc. 
  • Emergency Management
  • Corrective Actions Register
  • Induction Checklist and Register
  • Risk Assessment Template
  • Incident forms and witness forms
  • Registers for Plant and Equipment, Maintenance, Test and Tag, First Aid Kits, PPE
  • Training Register
  • Verification of Competency tools. 
  • Safe Operating Procedure Template
  • Safe Work Method Statement Template. 
  • Inspection templates
  • Toolbox talk template
But it doesn't stop there we give you 15 videos that help to explain exactly what you need to do and how to do it so you aren't on your own. Plus you can always email our support line and get help from an expert if you have something that wasn't covered in the course. 
For those who really want to do it themselves this is the complete resource you need to get it done so buy it now and get compliant today. 
See the entire contents of the course below, no surprises no hidden costs. 

What's included?

Video Icon 12 videos File Icon 29 files Text Icon 6 text files


Getting Started
In Case of a Freak Out
Assessing where your business is at?
Completing the Self-Assessment
KISS Questionaire (V3.0).pdf
319 KB
Using the Safety Health Check for your business
18 mins
Setting the Foundations - Your WHS Policy
5 Minutes on Safety - The Policy.mp4
5 mins
The WHS/OHS Policy
26.6 KB
Policy Checklist
Other Policies
Environmental Policy
28.9 KB
Drug and Alcohol Policy
26.6 KB
Acceptable Workplace Behavior and Equal Opportunity Policy
26.8 KB
Injury and Rehabilitation Policy
26.7 KB
Fitness for Work Policy
29.6 KB
The Safety Management Plan
Safety Management Plan Template
117 KB
Safety Management Plan Overview
5 mins
5 Minutes on Safety - Procedures
5 mins
5 Minutes on Safety - Hierarchy of Controls
7 mins
5 Minutes on Safety - Risk Management
8 mins
Corrective Actions Register
Corrective Actions Register Explained
3 mins
Corrective Action Register
20.4 KB
Inductions - a key step for every business.
5 Minutes on Safety - Inductions
4 mins
Induction Register
23.9 KB
Induction Checklist
56 KB
5 Minutes on Safety - Training
6 mins
Other Registers
Chemical Register
26.4 KB
Electrical Test & Tag Register
20.1 KB
Maintenance Register - Mobile Plant & Equipment
18.7 KB
Mobile Plant & Equipment Register
21.2 KB
PPE Register
20.8 KB
First Aid Kit Register
18.5 KB
Incidents - never want but need to be ready for.
5 Minutes on Safety - Incidents
8 mins
Incident Response Chart
152 KB
Incident Report Template
53.2 KB
Witness Statement Form
40 KB
Other Forms and Templates You Need.
5 Minutes on Safety - Inspections
6 mins
Toolbox Meeting Template
56 KB
Training Register
25.3 KB
Verification of Competency Checklist
25.9 KB
Hazard Report Template
47.5 KB
Site Inspection Checklist
34.8 KB
Risk Assessment Template
168 KB
Emergency Management
21.6 KB
Safe Operating Procedures (SOP's)
SOP - Example Changing Tyres
210 KB
Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
5 Minutes on Safety - SWMS, JSA, JHA's
7 mins
SWMS Example - Changing a car tyre
250 KB
The Most Important Part - Keep Doing It
Keep Peddling